Flat Glass Swing Rack Glass Storage system.

The Glass Racking Company's swing rack system is designed to be one of the most compact and usable ways of storing flat glass sheets in you factory or glass store.

All Flat Glass swing rack storage systems can be manufactured to suit your factory space and needs. Our design team will take your floor space dimensions and with the aid of our in-house 3D CAD drawing system create a compact flat glass storage system for you.

The maximum payload per leaf is 4000 pounds and the leaves can be as large as 10 foot x 10 foot.

Contact us today to see how we can tidy your flat glass storage and speed up your access to the glass.

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Case glass Swing Rack 

 Stoche Glass Swing rack

Stoche Glass Swing Rack 

 Glass Swing rack for cased glass

 Multi Bay Swing Rack system
with 12 inch load foot

 4000 Pound Swing Rack suitable
for Stoche Glass storage