Patio metal tables for coffee in the garden

Outdoor Garden Furniture


Metal chairs garden furniture Christchurch made

Our beautiful metal furniture is made to order. Please contact our sales team for custom designs. These outdoor furniture settings are locally made in Christchurch and are built for durability and longevity.
 Outdoor garden dining table and chairs Metalcraft Engineering Christchurch Locally made Metalcraft Engineering beautiful furniture garden and deck christchurch  Metalcraft Engineering Classic outdoor furniture setting   Metalcraft Engineering outdoor furniture classic style metal table and chairs Christchurch
 Perforated rectangular steel top table and Knightsbridge chairs 2.2m x 1.2m painted glass top able with Knightsbridge chairs   1.6m x 1m Plain with 6off Knightsbridge chairs 1.6m x 1m perforated steel table and Norfolk chairs

 Metalcraft Engineering classic garden furniture Christchurch Metalcraft Engineering high end outdoor table and chairs glass top solid frame   Metalcraft Engineering Glass top metal frame feature outdoor furniture Christchurch Metalcraft Engineering outdoor table and chair settings 
2.2m x 1.1m Clear Glass with 6off Grand Knightbridge Chairs   1.5M square glass top table and Knightsbridge chairs    1.5M square glass top table and Norfolk chairs Stainless Steel Table With Painted Glass Top  
 Metalcraft Engineering Garden coffe table Christchurch made  Metalcraft engineering patio coffee table and chairs Christchurch  Metal furniture garden and patio Metalcraft Engineering Christchurch Metalcraft Engineering Outdoor furniture table and chair setting New Zealand made garden metalwork 
600mm perforated steel table with Kent chairs  600mm Plain steel table with York chairs   600mm mosaic top table with Kent chairs 1.2m Plain Steel Table with York Chairs
   Patio furniture Stone table top metal base Christchurch Metalcraft Engineering  Garden furniture patio table and chairs durable metalwork Christchurch  
  Stone Top Table with Norfolk Chairs  1.2m Perferated Table with Kent Chairs