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Volume 44, Issue 10 - October 2009

Machinery Spotlight
The Latest Offerings in Glass Processing Machinery and Equipment

There are lots of new options for fabricators small and large. No matter what type
 of processing you’re looking to do—tempering, laminating, decoration and more
we’ve got you covered with the latest in glass processing machinery and
 equipment over below.


The Concertina is Music to Fabricators’ Ears
The Glass Racking Co. in Seattle reports that its Concertina racks for glass factories
 dramatically reduce the time needed to access glass lites, and that storage areas with
 Concertina racks require typically 50 percent of the size of traditional A-frame storage
 systems. The Concertina’s storage leaves hold packs of stoche glass.
 A manual wheel system is used to move the leaves to create space to access
specific lites. Glass then can be unloaded from above or from either side. Racks can be
 designed and built to suit the customer’s glass sizing, weights and volumes, as well as factory layout and positioning of existing equipment and/or processes used.
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When Opportunity Knocks…

A Mitsubishi Fuso dealer finds a creative way to expand business 

FUSO Glass TruckRon Johnson, general sales manager for Seattle Mitsubishi Fuso, Seattle, WA, has literally stepped outside of the box in his efforts to build his dealership’s medium duty truck business. He did it by recognizing an opportunity, and being willing to partner with a local body builder and one of its offshore partners to offer a product line unique in his area. In the process, he has positioned himself as a supplier to a new market with significant opportunity.

Here’s what happened.

Ron has a long-standing relationship with Allied Body in Seattle. Through this relationship Ron was introduced to The Glass Racking Company, which supplies kit-set bodies to Allied Body. In its home market, The Glass Racking Company has a strong relationship with Fuso. Research by Allied Body and The Glass Racking Company revealed the combination of Fuso trucks and The Glass Racking Company bodies offers a significantly better and different solution than those offered by traditional North American glass transporters. 

Fuso Glazier Glass TruckThe three parties agreed to build a demonstration vehicle based on a Fuso FE145, to supply potential customers with a far clearer view of its glass handling and transportation benefits than a brochure or written specs could possibly provide. Prospects can see the Fuso’s tight turning radius, the greater proportion of vehicle length available for glass, the strong but lightweight T6 aluminum used in the body to allow higher glass payloads, and the unique glass securing system which allows safe and secure loading and transportation of all types of glass.

Ron, the team at Allied Body, and staff from The Glass Racking Company are actively promoting this demonstrator and their full range of solutions to glass and window companies across Washington state, and they see the potential for expanding even further. Despite the recession, many potential customers have been identified and Ron is busy following up on the ever-increasing list of leads.

This is a great example of opening up new markets for Fuso trucks by being creative and seizing opportunities. Customers who view this solution agree that this unique glass racking system is well outside the box.

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