Exterior Handrails

Interior Balustrades

Exterior Balustrades

Metalcraft Engineering fabricate high quality architectural internal balustrades for both commercial and residential projects. We work in all metal mediums and can match to existing themes. Speak to our team to a custom design for your space.
Internal stair handrail and balustrade University of Canterbury made by Metalcraft Engineering Internal stair balustrade and handrail measure fabricate and install by Metalcraft Engineering Christchurch
Stainless steel square section balustrade and handrail with glass infill made by Metalcraft Engineering Stainless steel handrail and glass balustrade stair well access Christchurch manufactured
Perforated metal balustrade commercial build Christchurch manufacture Metalcraft Engineering Vertical metal balustrade powder coat finish pillars and panels stainless handrail
Stainless steel wire balustrade and railing made in Christchurch
Stainless stair handrail and balustrade stair case Metalcraft Engineering
Ironwork classic white metal balustrade manufactured in Christchurch by Metalcraft Engineering Architectural metalwork handrail and balustrade custom designed in Christchurch Metalwork balustrade beautiful iron style balustrade hand made in Christchurch by Metalcraft Engineering Landing balustrade metal with vertical bars
Beautiful metalwork handrail and balustrade for internal staircase Internal stair case metal balustrade made in Christchurch by Metalcraft Engineering Stair handrail metal architectural hadrail and balustrade Stainless handrail with glass balustrade for internal stair custom made in Christchurch by Metalcraft Engineering