Window Transport Trailer Systems and Solutions

The Glass Racking Company Window Trailer Transportation Solutions are a unique and purpose built system for securing windows during transportation.

Key benefits of this solution include the speed to load and unload, the reduction in damage to the window frames between the final stage of production and arrival at the customer site, improved health and safety, ease of training, and a professional image.

The Window Transportation Solution is installable onto a range of vehicles including trucks, trailers, and utes/pickups. We supply complete vehicles, and also retrofit upgrades to existing vehicles.

Key components of the Window Transportation Solution include a soft polymer bearer on the vehicle uprights to support the initial window frame, reveal foams for between the window frames to avoid hard surfaces touching, co-polymer sheathed strap poles for retention, and a hardwood ply deck with inlaid slotted base for resting the window frames on. All solutions are provided with a comprehensive user guide.

 Window Transport Trailer

 Window Transport Trailer

 Window Transport Trailer

 6M Long Window Trailer with Electric Brakes

Window Transport Trailer with Foam retaining Poles 

Slide out Loading ramp, which fit both sides for loading 

 Window reveal Foams

Window Transport Trailer hardwood deck 

Window Transport Trailer 

 Front Mounted alloy Box for Window Reveal Foam storage

Hardwood  Deck & inlaid plates for poles, shown in close 

Hardwood Deck with inlaid plates & poles shown out wide 

 Window Trailer loading ramp

 Window Transport Trailer

 Window Transport Trailer

Slide Out Load ramp and storage bins 

 Rear View of the Window trailer with the Foam Poles in close

Rear View of the Window Trailer showing poles out wide 


 6M Long Window trailer with Foam Retention Poles

 6M Long Loaded window trailer, with Reveal foams

 6M Window trailer heading off for it's first job