Window fabrication factory and site trestles

Factory and site trolley design to speed your work flow and reduce damage and rework.

The Glass Racking Company has developed a range of factory tables, factory trestles, and site trestles specifically for window fabricators. Most bearing surfaces are our non-marking polymer to reduce the likelihood of damage and rework.

Most tables and trestles have optional height adjustment and optional length extensions to suit the varying needs of a factory. Tables and trestles are available from fixed singles to large trestles designed to suit commercial windows.

Our Prepping tables come with undertable storage rollers for mohair and rubbers, plus polymer clad bars and hardwood ply decks for cut length storage and working.

The Glass Racking Company site trestles are designed to fold up for ease of storage and transportation to site. They also have adjustable legs to allow the user to create a flat work surface on uneven ground. The top bearing surface is our non-marking polymer.

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Factory Tables
 The Glass Racking Company, Window Prepping table  The Glass Racking Company, Sash prepping table    

 Prepping table

 Sash prepping table



Factory Trestles
Site Trestles
Folding Site window trestle Folded window site trestle   Window site Trestle

 Folding Site trestle with adjustable legs

 Closeup of folding legs

Folding site trestle with
legs non-extended