Curtained Glass Truck Racks

The Glass Racking Company is an innovative designer and manufacturer of glass rack transportation systems and specialises in fully enclosed flat glass transportation bodies.

As a true world leader in covered flat glass transportation solutions, we are the right partner for your company.

Our glass bodies can feature our Glide-top concertina roof system, which allows for full overhead loading with ease while allowing to keep your load clean and dry while in transit.

The Glass Racking Company works with all truck manufacturers and can put a complete turn-key supply package together for your company if required.

All of our glass bodies feature internal and external glass loading, with the internal racks using our secure strap glass retaining system and the external racks using our spring loaded glass retaining frail poles.

We look forward to helping you carry your glass safely in the future. 
Contact us now to see how our Curtained Glass trucks can help your company grow.

To read more on our Curtained Glass trucks, click here to read our product information sheet on covered glass trucks.

3M Long Curtained Glass truck 

 3.5M Long Curtained Glass truck

 4M Long Fully Curtained Glass Truck

 3M Long Fully Curtained Glass Truck Rack

3.5M Long Curtained Glass truck with rear roller door

4M Long fully Curtained Glass Truck

 4.8M Long x 2.6M High Fully Curtain Glass Truck

 5.2M x 2.9M Fully curtained Glass Truck

6.7M Long x 2.4M Glass Truck

 4.8M x 2.6M Fully Covered 4x2 Glass Truck Body

 5.2M x 2.9M Fully Covered 4x2 Glass Truck Body

6.7M x 2.4M internal Height 4x2 Glass Truck Body 

 6.7M Long x 2.7M High internaly Curtained Glass truck

 7.5m long x 2.4M Internal Curtained Glass Truck

 8M x 2.4M Internal Curtained Glass truck

6.7M x 2.7M Internal 4x2 Glass Truck 

 7.5M x 2.4M Internal Height 6x2 Glass Truck

8M x 2.4M Internal Height 6x4 Glass Truck

 8.9M x 2.7M Curtained Glass truck

 10.3M long 8x4 Glass truck

10.7M Long 8x4 fully Curtained Glass truck 

8.9M x 2.7M Internal 6x4 full spec Glass Truck

10.3M Long 8 wheeler Glass truck shown with the
curtains removed

10.7M Long 8 Wheeler Glass Truck




 See How our Glidetop roof opens to allow for top loading

Walk around a full spec 8.9M Curtained Glass Truck 

Walk around a Branded curtained Glass Truck