Glass Transportation

The Glass Racking Company, Glass Trucks are one of the most versatile and complete glass transportation systems on the world market.

Our range of glass van frails and glass truck racks have been specifically designed for the New Zealand Glass and Glazing and Window Industry which has allowed us to form close relationships with the end users.

Our glass van frails and glass truck racks are manufactured from a range of privately owned dies, utilising aluminium, plastics and rubber protected polymers. The Glass Racking Companies range starts at a 1.7M long van mounted frail, up to a 12.6M long eight wheeler rigid truck. Let us take care of your glass transportation solutions.
So if you require a Glass Van Frail or a Glass Truck Rack then The Glass Racking Company has the solution for you, 

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 Glass Van frail

 Internal glass van Frails

 Covered Glass truck

 Glass Trolley Truck

Open Delivery Glass truck 

Glass Van Racks 

Internal Racks 

Covered Glass Trucks 

Glass Trolley Trucks 

 Open Glass Trucks

  Ute glass racks   3.5M Glazier Glass truck   Glass Transport Trailers    
 Utes  Site Glazing Trucks
  Glass Transporting Trailer     

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