Harp trolleys

Store and move glass around your factory with a Harp trolley from The Glass Racking Company

The harp trolley stores glass items side by side, with gaps in between, like a toaster rack. Being stored like a toaster rather than like a sandwich means units don't touch each other which leads to less damage.

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  Harp trolley Harp trolley    Glass trolley    
 50 Slot Harp Trolley with 10mm
machined grooves and
plastic coated separating bars
  1800mm tall 50 Slot
single glaze
Z Harp Trolley 
  2200mm tall 50 Slot 
single glaze 
Z Harp Trolley 
  DGU harp trolley 38 slot harp trolley       
 19 slot DGU Z harp trolley 38 slot DGU Z harp trolley