Flat Glass Display Solutions

The Glass Racking Company has a architectural division within the company, that allows for us to manufacture creative metalwork.

We have a full design and build service for your Glass,stone or window displays. We can manufacture from many different materials including stainless steel and timber if required.

Displays can be mobile or static, we also specialise in Double Glazing heat displays. These display system allow you to show your customers the benefits of a DGU unit compared to a single glazed window.

Contact us now, with your glass,stone or window display requirements, and one of our team will work with you to design and manufacture a system for your showroom.
For more product display information click here! to read the Glass Display information sheet.

 Walk Through DGU Heat Display

 Triple DGU Heat display

 Double Panel DGU Heat display

 Edge Work Glass Tree

 Walk Through DGU Heat Display

 Triple DGU Heat Display with hand sensor switch

 Double DGU Heat display

 Edge work Tree Display

 38mm Single Quad mast display

 Sinlge mast display

 Double mast quad display

 Single 75mm Mast Quad Glass Display

 Single mast quad glass display

 Single mast adjustable wall display

 Double mast quad display

75MM Single mast quad display