Flat Glass Concertina Storage systems

The Glass Racking Company specialise in Bulk Flat glass storage systems.
We have a full range of concertina glass storage systems to help reduce the floor space that you are currently using in your bulk glass storage area.

From :- 2130mm x 1830mm Sheets all the way up to 5100mm x 3200mm Jumbo glass sheets, we have a concertina glass storage system for you.

With a concertina glass storage system you can free up over 50% of the current floor space you are using for your bulk glass packs. You will also speed up the selection process and reduce costly damage.

Contact us now to see how a flat glass concertina storage system can work in your factory or glass store.

For more information on our concertina glass storage systems, please Click Here to download and read our information sheets.

Obsure Glass Concertina Rack

 Flat Glass Concertina storage

 Jumbo Glass Concertina rack

 Concertina Rack  

 2130mm x 1830mm
Concertina Glass storage
system. Shown here is a
10 Bay system with 200mm
Load foot

 3660mm x 2440mm
Bulk Glass storage system
Shown here is a 25 Bay system
with a 350mm Load Foot

 5100mm x 3200mm Bulk
Jumbo Glass storage system
Shown here is a 12 Bay
system with 350mm Load foot

3660mm x 2440mm
24 Bay Hydraulic Concertina
Glass storage system 
  Concertina Rack bays        
Closeup of Concertina Rack Bays